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beSTAR offers for corporate clients insurance services by «Interteach», covering movements within the Republic of Kazakhstan and travel abroad.

Travel insurance «Interteach» meets international requirements and simultaneously confirms medical and visa insurance. The policy «Interteach» is accepted in all consulates and embassies, including Schengen.

Procedure for the occurrence of an insured event:

If you get injured or if your got sick during the trip, after receiving medical care in the host country, contact the operators of the 24-hour dispatch center of the service company by phone +7 727 355 05 25 or by mail .

Inform the operator about:

  • name and surname;
  • number and validity period of the insurance policy;
  • country, city, hotel name and exact address of the place where you are located;
  • what happened, what help is required;
  • telephone number for communication.

The interests of the insured are represented by the service company “Amanat”:

  • 24-hour dispatch center with Russian speaking operators;
  • payment of medical expenses in the host country.

Receiving payments

If you have paid for the costs of treatment yourself, please inform the insurance company in advance about that case, and within 30 calendar days, contact its office and write an application to get an insurance payment.

The originals of the following documents will be required:

  • insurance policy;
  • passport or other identification document;
  • originals of medical documents and certificate-invoices on the letterhead of the clinic in which you applied.

The documents must clearly indicate:

  • last name and first name
  • date of birth
  • insurance policy number
  • complete diagnosis
  • description of the state of health
  • date of seeking medical help
  • duration of treatment
  • list of services provided by date and cost
  • final payment amount
  • the originals of the prescription prescribed by the doctor with the stamp of the pharmacy and the cost of each medicine;
  • receipts for payment of medicines;
  • the original direction of the doctor for the passage of laboratory studies;
  • the laboratory account, broken down by date, name and cost of services provided;
  • documents confirming the fact of payment for treatment, medicines and medical services (stamp about payment, receipt for receipt of money and bank confirmation of the transfer of the amount);
  • invoices for medical and auxiliaries together with prescriptions of doctors;
  • other documents at the discretion of the Insurer, confirming the amount of expenses incurred.

The costs of insurance events incurred without pre-agreement with the Insurer or the Service Company are not compensated!

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